Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can a shot REVERSE type 1?

That's what researchers are working on.

Can you even imagine? I would LOVE for Matthew to be able to say: "I used to have type 1 diabetes."

Let's all pray that God works mightly through these researchers.....and others who are so diligently searching for a cure.

Click here to read the story. Watch the video. It's great and it gives me hope. I know God is working and I pray that this just may be the answer.

If it's not the answer....if we have to live with diabetes forever, we'll be okay. Life will go on and Matthew will be fine. But there is hope and that's the way I want to live.

Matthew hasn't seen the video yet. There's a tiny part of me that doesn't want him to get his hopes up too much----yes, that cancels out everything I just wrote----but the bigger part of me wants him to watch the video. I want him to know there are people out there who care. People who are working so hard to find a cure.

He needs that hope. And he deserves to have hope.

In the meantime, we're going to take it day by day......and be grateful for insulin.

By the way....I found the link thanks to one of my on-line buddies, Pam. Click here to meet Pam and her daughter, Grace. They are both pretty awesome! : )


Pam said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Tracy!

Joanne said...

My husband emailed this to me the other day. Is it bad that I'm too afraid to get my hopes up?

phonelady said...

I really hope it does become reality and yeah I like Joanne will not get my hopes up until I see this a reality . God bless you and your family .

Lora said...

I have been reading about this... we can only hope. ~right?

Meri said...

It would be a dream come true for sure. I think we have all read it and then distance our brains from it to protect our hearts.

Hope...I'll always have hope.

connie said...

I can hardly imagine what that day would feel like when a cure is found...I will always remain hopeful, there are a lot of smart scientist out there working hard to find one!