Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekly Update

This is going to be quick tonight because it's family game night and I don't want to be late!!


  • Enjoyed a playdate with his good buddy Caleb.
  • Helped me organize the gameroom. It's only a semi-disaster now! Just kidding! It's looking good. : )
  • We took a morning walk to find the peacocks. Yes! We have peacocks in the neighborhood....I'll have to post pictures one day. REALLY is a normal neighborhood, I promise!
  • Wanted to go to the pool, but the weather has not cooperated. Maybe next week....


  • Cleaned out the pantry and we worked on the gameroom. (Gotta take advantage of these rainy days....)
  • Stayed on track with bible reading program.
  • I got a little exercise in....not as much as I would like. My foot has been bothering me, though it's much better today. Yea!
  • Oh! And I got Pink Eye. (Like we need more medical bills.....sigh.....) But hey, I caught it early and will be good to go soon!

Matthew's Blood Sugar
  • Anyone following this blog knows about those darn late-night highs, but God has been good and it's getting a little bit better. We had great success on Thursday (thanks again to The Crazy Pancreas) but Friday's numbers weren't quite as good. Not in the 200's, but close. We'll see what happens tonight....
  • Matthew caught a couple lows. He's getting better about this and I'm proud of him.
  • As of this writing, Matthew's on shot number 15!
Overall, it really was a great week!


Meri said...

Glad you had a great week! I hope those nighttime numbers start cooperating...and snakes?? AHHHHHHHHH!

phonelady said...

oh so glad it was a great wk and I hope you have a wonderful wknd and another great week dear .

Unknown said...

YAY...and could you guys come over here and do a little organizing for me I am still unpacking from the move over a month ago. We have been having a heatwave and there is no way I could be unpacking in that...we have been doing a ton of swimming.