Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly Update

This is going to be super-quick because Matthew has a friend over to play and I want to relax with a good book!

  • Had fun at 2 birthday parties this week. His good buddy, Adam, celebrated his 10th birthday. And Matthew's favorite classmate, Caleb, turned 10 as well. Matthew had a blast.
  • He is counting down the hours until his buddy, Ewin, returns home from Taiwan tomorrow. His family has been gone 2 months!
  • Matthew did an AWESOME job helping me to finish organizing the gameroom.
  • I loved seeing my friends at those parties this week.
  • Stayed on track with my quiet time.
  • I wrote something else here, but accidently deleted it and I'm too tired to remember what it was..... : )
Matthew's Blood Sugar
  • We're still working on the late-night highs, but it seems to be a tiny bit better after splitting the Lantus. Time will tell.....
  • Matthew had several lows this week, but he caught every one! His symptoms are nearly always a headache and he gets tired.
  • We ROCKED on the pizza, cake and ice cream at the parties!
  • But boy, does swimming makes Matthew drop! He started swimming at 193 and 30 minutes later was 77. Wow. Glad I only gave him half the insulin for that pizza!


Donna said...

Yep - swimming will get them every time!!
GREAT job mom, on figuring out the party food! We still have yet to attend a b-day party where we dont have a BG in the 300's afterward! :P
I swear buttercream icing does something extra wicked to Jacob's blood sugars!!
Glad to hear you are also getting some quiet time in.... that is SO important!!! =)

Unknown said...

Seriously jealous on the pizza and ice cream thing...we still have issues there...especially at night.

Swimming is tricky were smart with the 1/2 insulin dose for the pizza pre-swim. You are rockin' it.

I am excited for Matthew to see his buddy tomorrow...that should be a special reunion for sure!!! He sounds like a special guy with a great support network.

Pam said...

Great job on the party food! And good call on shorting the pre-swimming dose. Sometimes I'm so scared to do that thinking this will be the day that something goes flooey and her numbers will spike. Brave D-mama! Congrats!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a good week!

Meri said...

I need to find some of this quiet time. Maybe there will be some at the grocery store tomorrow...

phonelady said...

Still have issues on pizza so I pretty much give up with that one . Oh well so glad you had an awesome wknd and catch up on quiet time . yeah !!

Joanne said...

Great job with the party food and swimming... you rocked it Momma!

BTW, I'd love to get together and hang out with you one of these days. Maybe we could meet each other for coffee or a dinner somewhere between us? What would be a good way to get in touch with you?