Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Update

It was a GREAT week. But....I was so busy having fun that I am WAY behind on reading everyone's blogs. Forgive me! I hope to catch up this weekend!

Here's a fast and furious update.

  • Good quiet time
  • Playdates with friends
  • Got Matthew to his yearly doctor's appointment (went great!)
  • Several moms have signed up for the prayer partner list. (We even have a college student who wants to be involved. How cool is that?!) There is still time to sign up if you would like. Click here for more information. I think I'll let people sign up for the next couple weeks since people are away taking last minute vacations. I'll still start pairing up people in the next couple days and get that info out.
  • Oh! And I turned a pretty fushia color after an afternoon at the pool. (Too bad fushia isn't in fashion.)

  1. Had fun with friends (despite being grounded from all electronics. Boy he hates that! I've got to remember how well this punishment works!)
  2. Caught a couple lows and knew how to treat them! Woo Hoo!

Blood Sugar
  • It looks like we're figuring out the late-night highs. They are much better. He still went pretty high the other night, but I'm making adjustments again. The next couple of nights will be interesting to watch. I will keep you posted.

That's it! Now get off the computer and go have some fun! : )


phonelady said...

Oh wow my niece called us to go somewhere but we are so broke this wk . we are always broke and people wonder why cause we have to buy medical supplies that is why we are always broke . Oh well have a great day .

Unknown said...

What Fuschia is NOT IN STYLE??? LOL. Sorry about the burn girl.

Awesome on the low catching and treating on Matthew's part.

Also, way to go on the night time highs. We have been dealing with that over the past few weeks too...and no worries on not keeping up on blogs, we know you love us!!!