Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks, Tents, and Snakes. Oh My!

Life with Matthew and Kevin is always an adventure.

Last night after fireworks, they decided to sleep outside in the tent. It was a first for them and they had a blast.

It was great for me because I got such a good night sleep with Kevin in charge of the BS checks! Woo Hoo!

But this morning, it was a different story.

After the boys brought in all the stuff, I found a SNAKE in the bathroom! S.N.A.K.E.

Of course, Matthew thinks this is fantastic. It's like a dream come true.

Oh good grief! And I thought "tent nights" would be so relaxing for me!


Hallie Addington said...

Oh. My. Goodness. A SNAKE??? First, I would be totally freaked that there was a snake in my house. Next, I'd be freaked wondering if there were more. And then I'd be freaked wondering if this was random or if there is a family of snakes in the yard. What did you DO with it?!? I think I'd rather test bg than find a snake...!

Pam said...

Too funny... only because it didn't happen to me! I would definately rather do the overnight bs checks than have to figure out how to get the snake out of the bathroom!

Meri said...

I would die!!! Snakes are at the top of my scary/gross list. Glad you had a good night sleep though, priceless!

Lora said...

SNAKE... YIKES! Count me OUT of that kind of fun.
Glad you were able to rest though.

Unknown said...

O.M.G.!!! Nice a SNAKE - UGH. Yeah, I think I'd take the night checks over the snake - DEFINITELY.

phonelady said...

oh I hate snakes too ladies and I wonder how it got in there myself probably crawled through the drain and now you must call an exterminator and have your house sprayed and your yard sprayed as well and wow sleeping in a tent must have been fun for matt and you . I hope all is well soon with thought of reptiles living in your yard and house LOL !!!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

AAAACCCCHHH, a snake!!!! I would be so freaked out, if I saw a snake in the bathroom! I'm glad the boys had fun and you had a good night's rest, but geez, Louise, a snake?!