Monday, July 19, 2010

D-Moms: I need your help....

Please help me with this cooking involves measuring veggies.

Today, for example, we had corn. The can says 1/2 cup has a weight of 125g. This serving has 11 carbs.

Well....when I measure out 1/2 cup and then weigh it.....because I'm obsessed about getting the exact number of carbs....the weight is totally different. The weight is about 84 grams.

Now I understand that measuring in cups isn't as accurate....with all the empty space...but with corn, or peas, there really isn't space.

I'm guessing the numbers on the can include water?

How do you measure for this???

I know right now Matthew's ratios are so high that it doesn't really matter, but in a few years when he's 1-5, it will make a big difference. I want to do it correctly from the start.

And truthfully, if I'm not giving him enough carbs, then I'm shooting him low. (That happened today.....)

So please help me......because I'm obsessed.....

Sidenote: No change in evening numbers.....


Joanne said...

Because I use carb factors, it makes these dilemmas a little bit easier. To get the corn's carb factor, you divide the total carbs per serving (you said, 11) by the total grams in a serving (you said 125). This gives me a carb factor of .08, which is kinda low for corn (usually canned corn is about .15, and fresh corn is closer to .21).

Anyway, if you use this carb factor of .08, to get the total amount of carbs in whatever you're serving Matthew, you weigh the corn in grams and then multiply by the carb factor. For example:

Matthew's serving of corn = 80g
multiplied by .08
that means his serving of corn has 6.4g of carbs.

Does that make sense?

LaLa said...

Yea - what Joanne said! :)

Meri said...

Joanne rocks. Period.

Pam said...

I would go with the weight. 125g = 11 carbs (though I agree, this sounds way low for corn). If you then weigh his serving you can get the amount of carbs.

Lora said...

I wouldn't think the numbers on the can include water?!? I mean, if it did... you would never get the right ratio. Good question...

Calorie King says that 1/2c (2.9oz) of sweet yellow corn, drained = 15.3g

phonelady said...

Yeah Joanne is the queen of carb factoring . I bow to Joanne the queen of carb factoring , all joking aside she is right and yes it drives me crazy too and has for years.

Unknown said...

Yep...Joanne and Lora are right and they ROCK...I think the can must be including the h20...I always go with my salter scale on veggies and fruit...but used to use the carb factor method like Joanne and had great results when Joe was younger.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree that weighing will always be more accurate, and after weighing vs. measuring just about every food on earth, I agree that the result is never the same and the scale always wins out, whether you use a scale that give you the net carbs or you use a carb factor.

However, I have an opposite opinion about what will happen as he grows and his insulin needs are greater. I always found the specificity of carb counts needed when Caleb's insulin needs were less to be greater. In the last year or so, as his insulin needs have grown (from about 8 units per day to about 20 units per day - woah - that's a big change! I don't think I've written that our before - lol) the need to be specific is not as great.

I used to HAVE to have a scale with me wherever I went. If I forgot it - panic set in. Now, I know I can guess reasonably close and we'll be okay.

I know some of that is simply bc I am better at guessing carb counts, but I also know (because I have charted and graphed and charted and analyzed) that his body is simply more forgiving of estimates and when he was littler and needed less insulin, the slightest misestimation resulted in a lot of grief.

I believe, and hope, you will find it gets easier, not harder as he grows.