Saturday, July 17, 2010


Here are the numbers from last night:


Hmmmm.....we're going in the wrong direction here! But again....Matthew is consistent. Between 9 and 10.....boom!

He got a small correction and came in okay this morning. I upped his morning Lantus, so we'll see if it makes a difference tonight. I also increased his lunch ratio to guard against a low.

I praying and believing and trusting that God is going to help me figure this out. And I can't wait for that day! : )

Here's a picture from the party yesterday. We had such fun!


Lora said...

A couple months ago I would have never asked you this question... but have you ever considered a pump? I held off over a year and a half, but now I wish I would have done it a LONG time ago. It would help you pinpoint that 9-10 high.

Just throwing it out there... its a scary adventure for sure. I hope you guys get this all figured out soon.

Joanne said...

I wish I could help, but I have no clue about Lantus. I hope you find something that works soon!

phonelady said...

I dont have a clue about lantus either since i dont use that . I hope you find something that works for you soon ,god bless and take care .