Sunday, May 16, 2010

Checking in the Middle of the Night

Some people wonder why Kevin and I check Matthew's sugar in the middle of the night. The month after Matthew was diagnosed, there were 2 diabetic teenagers who died in their sleep.

It's our worst nightmare. Diabetes doesn't stop just because Matthew is sleeping and that's why we choose to check overnight, every night, even though it means interrupted sleep. Matthew is the priority, not sleep.

Click here to read a short article that explains more about "Dead in Bed Syndrome."

(Just for reference....Matthew's lowest sugar has been 45.)


Tracy said...

As a parent of a T1, I would never wonder why. :) We get up to check Zane MANY times at night. It is a scary thing.

Some families choose not to test, and that is their choice. I could never imagine NOT checking on him.

And I agree, The kids are the priority, not sleep.

LaLa said...

Hi Tracy - it's Laura from The Houston Five. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I am so sorry to hear about your son's dx but please know you are in good D-Mom company.

We check Nate 3x per night. 10p.12a. 3a.
Sleep? What is that again?

Please know that I am here anytime you need to chat, vent, scream, laugh or cry!

connie said...

I agree with you kids will always be my first priority, a little interupted sleep is a small price to pay for peace of mind and a safe, healthy child.

Anonymous said...

I check. Even with CGM, I still get up and check with the regular meter at least once a night.