Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goal Number 3: Exercise

I'm going to let Matthew inspire me on this one.
  • Matthew has to have a shot before he eats because it's good for him.
  • I'm going to get on the treadmill 3 days a week because it's good for me.

The end.

Quick sidenote....Matthew had crazy blood sugars last night. He's supposed to be at least 100 to go to sleep, but we had such a terrible time getting him up to that number.

Of course, Matthew loved staying up until 9:00. After that, all the following treatments were given while he was asleep. Who knew Matthew could eat graham crackers while sleeping? Really, he never lifted his head from the pillow. Never opened his eyes. Just opened that little mouth and chewed. What a good kid.

8pm: 68 Treated with 8 carbs (He caught this low. I was proud of him.)

9pm: 84 Hmmm....treated with 6 more carbs

10pm: 93 What's the deal? Gave half a juice box.

11:30 pm: 90 Are you kidding me? He should be well over 100 by now, but he's going down? More juice.

Midnight: 94 WHAT? Gave more carbs. About 8....I think. It was late.

1am: 173 Well, great....I didn't want him to go up that much. Oh well, still in range. I did not correct.

3am: 145 At least he's coming down.

7am: 75 I don't like him this low for breakfast. AND I discovered ants in the bathroom from leaving open juice boxes.

The rollercoaster ride of diabetes is frustrating, confusing and exhausting.....


Joanne said...

I love the simplicity of this goal! And don't you just HATE nights like those? We have them about once a week it seems, mostly after a particularly active evening. I turn into zombie Joanne the next day... it's brutal.

Hoping you can get a nap in today... remember, it's one of your goals!

connie said...

Nights like that are the worst! Diabetes can definately feel like a crazy, loopy rollercoaster ride that never ends.

Sorry you had such a rough night :(

Unknown said...

Bummer about your night...and then on top of it all ANTS!!! ANNOYING!!!

I hope you got your nap in yesterday and awesome goal for you and Matthew. I am inspired by you to make some goals for myself.


shannon said...

Hi!! Don't know if this will help or not but I noticed you were giving like 6 carbs and retesting. Our doctor when we are low wants us to do 15 carbs and then retest in 15 mins from finishing. It has been working for us and there are lots of 15 carb items. Not sure if it will work for your family but it is a thought.