Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

We've had a great week with my parents here! It was such a nice break from the routine. Here are a few specifics:


  • One of his best friends is in Taiwan and the boys have been using Skype. They are having a blast!
  • Matthew got roller skates!
  • Basically, he's just been spoiled all week!


  • I've had my quiet time a few times this week.
  • Never stepped on the treadmill. But....I'm signing up for the 5K on Tuesday.
  • I started a new book. The latest one by Francine Rivers, Her Mother's Hope. It's fantastic!

Matthew's blood sugar: Before my parents came to visit, I thought a lot about how to handle their trip. Should we stick with eating at home? Or eat out more and use it as a time of experiment.

I decided to experiment and I'm glad I did. We ate at our usual Subway....but we also tried a couple new places:

  • Red Robin. Went great!

  • Purpleberri. Great yogurt shop that Matthew loves., but we hadn't been there since his diagnosis. All non-fat yogurt and his numbers were beautiful!

  • Pizza Hut. Excellent as well. I did a split bolus, but never even had to give the second dose because we were at the zoo and walking all over! : )

  • Steak N Shake. Horrible!! Matthew really wanted to go there and have a shake, so I smiled and said "Sure, Honey" all the while thinking "AHHHHH!!" He spiked to 256, then dropped to 74. By dinner, he was back to a beautiful 98. Ate a normal dinner. Then shot to 257 right before bedtime! Arg! Delayed fat in the shake? I don't know, but it was terrible. I decided not to correct, but did make him run around a little. He was great by morning. If he never has another shake, it will be too soon for me.

Overall though, I'm glad we went out and experimented. It's scary, but hey.....we've got to conquer these places sometimes.

Hope you all had a great week, too!


Meri said...

Congratulations on your huge success with the "eating out experiment!" I think that shake could have gone MUCH worse. You did great! So nice to have family around! Have a great long weekend!

Lisa said...

Also for those highs - Water! Water! Water!! Sounds like you are getting this down great - good problem solving, estimating and most importantly being flexible for a fun-lovin big guy!

Amanda said...

So glad your week went well! I agree with Meri...the shake wasn't too bad. Sounds like you are all over this diabetes management business. =)

Unknown said...

You ROCKED the eating out girl!!! And LOVE Matthew's new roller sounds like a great time was had by all.

Also, congrats on a little "quiet" time and an registering for the 5K!!! WAHOO. You will do amazing.