Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True and Faithful Friends.

We had a great day with Matthew's numbers yesterday. I think the steroid is out of him already. Poison ivy? Not so much. But.....better.

Now, on to something more fun. Matthew's amazing friends. I'm going to showcase a few, listed in alphabetical order!

Adam is a big prayer warrior for Matthew, always praying that God will protect Matthew from the enemy. Adam is always watching out for Matthew, too. At a soccer game a couple weeks ago, Adam told me "Don't worry Miss Tracy. If Matthew passes out, I'll carry him to you." He was completely serious. I loved it!

Caleb One of Matthew's concerns after being diagnosed with diabetes was that he wouldn't get to lunch quick enough to get a place with his friends. (He meets me in the library first to get his shot.) Faithful Caleb to the rescue! Every single day, Caleb races into the library, grabs Matthew's lunch, and dashes out to save him a seat. Every single day. I wish he understood how much this meant to me.

Ewin is interested. Whenever Matthew is checking his sugar, Ewin is peeking over his shoulder. Matthew told me today that sometimes he hasn't even poked his finger and Ewin is asking, "What's the number?! What's the number?!" I love that he cares so much.

And finally, there is Garrett, who faithfully prays for Matthew and wants to learn more about diabetes. He's asked me questions that most adults don't ask. "What number do you divide by to figure out how much insulin to give him?" Garrett has also caught a low. He realized Matthew wasn't asking like himself and told me. Sure enough, Matthew was dropping fast. I love that Garrett is watching over Matthew.

We are so blessed that Matthew has such good friends who love him and are watching out for him! I will forever be thankful for these boys.

Their sweet moms aren't so bad either. :)

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