Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice

Well, I had to do a quick post about Celebrity Apprentice.

Watching the finale was really difficult for me. Of course, I was rooting for Bret since Matthew has diabetes. But I also have a dear friend who has an autistic son, so I wanted Holly to win. I was torn throughout the entire episode.

And then......THANK YOU SNAPPLE for donating an equal amount of money to the "loser's" charity. Thanks to Snapple, there is no loser!!

That totally rocks!!

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connie said...

I agree...THAT ROCKS!!!

I really wanted Brett to win, but it is hard when you have many worthy charities on the line.

I did jump up and cheer when Brett was "hired", but I was also sooooo thankful for Snapple's generosity in donating to Holly's foundation.