Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly Update

We had a GREAT week! This should be easy to sum up.....good thing because it's Saturday and I want to play!


  • Had several playdates this week
  • Went swimming
  • We went to see the IMAX movie Adrenaline Rush. Wow!

  • Great quiet time this week
  • Got a walk in (foot still sore, but much better)
  • Enjoyed Matthew's playdates because I got to catch up with my friends
Matthew's Blood Sugar

  • The Lantus split seems to be working. It's hard to tell because of all his activity this week, but either way, he didn't have those big highs at night. Thank you, Lord!
  • He had only ONE low this week (62) and caught it. Poor guy, it was a bad one and he felt terrible. It took a while to get him up, but he handled it well.
  • And.......we tackled belgian waffles this week. Matthew did GREAT!

This week's big adventure----I hope to conquer lasagna! Wish me luck.


connie said...

Good luck with the lasagna!!! My girls are two years into life with D and I have yet to attempt lasagna :) Casserols kinda scare me cause I have a hard time calculating those darn carbs!

Something that I should just get over, right!? Glad you had a good week my friend, enjoy your weekend and go play!

Meri said...

You will rock the lasagna, I just know it! Hooray for a great week! I'm so happy that it is all evening out!!

Unknown said...

AWESOME on the waffles...and on the no super highs at night. You have made some progress girl. Keep up the GREAT work.

phonelady said...

oh lasagna is nothing so easy . You will do great . glad you had such an awesome week .